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Eat well. Have fun.

In 2006 we set off on a mission... to bring our beloved Cornish pasties to the poor souls who were trapped in an office while the rest of us were surfing.

We jumped in our van and we've never looked back (except when reversing). One thing led to another and now we are delivering our works of art to hungry people all over the country.

So take a moment to savour our pasties. They are handmade in Cornwall by our Phat Chefs, to our favourite recipes (passed by the Phat Tasters), with the best local ingredients (so our mums approve)... and as for having fun, you’re already remembering the good times aren't you?

We have now developed some fantastic opportunities to take our Phat Pasty brand out to the masses

  • Retail If you are a food retailer, see how you can add the Phat brand and Bake-In-Pack range to your business
  • Franchise If you want to start a business - own a Phat Pasty Van or License our Phat Pasty brand.
  • Menu If you are hungry - an example of a Phat Van daily menu.
  • Events If you are having a party or event - we can come along with a Phat Van to your party, club event, local event or even your wedding.
  • Buffets If you are holding a Corporate meeting - we cater for office buffet lunches, training days or just your Friday treat.

The Phat Pasty Company - Eat Well, Have Fun