Phat Wrapped

Unique oven proof packaging allow us to offer a range of pasties and a Jumbo Sausage Roll ready to cook off, hot hold  and serve direct to a customer - all in the great branded Phat packaging. 
Packaging is 100% Compostable.

Cooked, frozen pasties for re-heat in the sealed packaging from frozen and serve to the customer. With provenance, Red Tractor beef and high quality ingredients all meeting the Soil Associations Food For Life, accreditations.

Simply place in a conventional oven, rapid cook in a combi/microwave or microwave from frozen or chilled. Equipment stays clean and customers receive a great eat from pack experience.

Grab & Go hot snack - heat and place in heated display or cook to order.


It’s so simple….Straight from the freezer to the oven/microwave in the sealed pack. Clean, hygienic and simple hot food solution. Unique Compostable packaging. Speciality pasties with Phat’s unique recipes. Perfect as a hand-held takeaway snack. Ideal for placing in a chill cabinet for a take to the counter and ‘Eat Me Hot’ offer, or for holding in a Phat branded heated display cabinet as a grab & go hot food option. Re-heat in a standard oven or the option to simply cook to order in a rapid cook combi/microwave or standard microwave. …NOW a New Jamaican Jerk Pattie (halal) give a spicy option for the range.


code description weight case size
22935 Phat Wrapped Peppered Steak Pasty 225g 1×20
22939 Phat Wrapped Seriously Cheesy Pasty (v) 225g 1×20
72505 Phat Wrapped Chicken Tikka (halal) 225g 1×20
22940 Phat Wrapped Jumbo Sausage Roll 200g 1×26
75879 New* Jamaican Jerk Chicken Pattie (halal) 140g 1×30

cooking instructions

Reheat from frozen or chilled.  For best results, use a preheated, conventional oven with fan. These are guidelines only as appliances may vary. 



 combi microwave


From Frozen 170C - 30-40 mins 200C & 100% - 2 ½ mins 800w - 2min 30sec
From Chilled 170C - 20-25 mins 200C & 100% - 1 min 45 sec. 800w – 1min 45sec

wrapped… Re-Heat in pack

freezer to oven to customer

Patented packaging allows a simple hot grab & go offer. Heat in pack, hot hold and serve in pack.

  • Classic Peppered Steak Pasty
  • Seriously Cheesy Pasty (v)
  • Chicken Tikka Pasty (halal)
  • Jumbo Sausage Roll
  • New Jamaican Jerk Chicken Pattie (halal)





Keep frozen at -18C or below. Defrost in a refrigerator at 4C or below – keep refrigerated and use within 72 hours. If defrosted, do not refreeze. 




Allergen & Nutrition Fact Sheet

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POS and branded heated display cabinets available.
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