Hot To Go

A retail style, grab & go range of products to add to your existing offer or as a full concept. Simple in store bake off and self serve. Range developed featuring British Meats to meet Food For Life credentials

Pasties, slices, turnovers, sausage rolls, crowns & savoury items, all made in Cornwall & featuring Food for Life credentials.

Supplied frozen to bake in a standard oven and display "Hot To Go".

Simply add to your existing range or use the full concept. POS, marketing material & branded equipment options available.


Ideal to hot hold in a heated display cabinet to serve to the customer or self serve. Products cover breakfast, lunch & evening periods with vegetarian, vegan and halal options in the range.



code description weight case size
74051  Traditional Cornish Steak Pasty (PGI)  250g  1×20 
74059 Seriously Cheesy Pasty (Vegetarian) 250g 1×20 
43111 New Moroccan lamb Pasty (Halal) 250g 1×20
37355  Peppered Steak Slice  200g  1×30 
74058  Peri Peri Chicken  200g  1×30
74043 BBQ Pulled Pork Slice 200g  1×30
74054  Pepperoni Pizza Slice 200g  1×30 
74045 Bacon & Cheese Turnover 160g 1×30
43114  New Cheese & Tomato Turnover (Vegetarian) 147g  1×30 
74053 Ham & Emmental Crown 150g  1×30 
  Sausage Rolls    
26419  Sausage Roll 6″ 120g  1×60
22942  Jumbo Sausage Roll 8″ 235g  1×35
46007 New Spicy Mexican Bean Roll (Vegan) 160g 1×40
  Phat Greaseproof Bags’ pkt  1×1000


Self Serve

Grab & Go


Ideal for colleges, universities, hospitals, travel & leisure and coffee shops.A retail style grab & go offering. Farm Assured, Red Tractor and British Meats, meeting the Soil Associations Food For Life accreditations

  • Traditional Cornish Pasty (PGI)
  • Seriously Cheesy Pasty (v)
  • New Moroccan Lamb Pasty (Halal)
  • Peppered Steak Slice
  • Peri Peri Chicken Slice
  • BBQ Pulled Pork Slice
  • Pepperoni Pizza Slice*
  • Bacon & Cheese Turnover
  • New Cheese & Tomato Turnover (v)
  • Ham & Emmental Crown
  • Sausage Roll 6”
  • Jumbo Sausage Roll 8”
  • New Spicy Mexican Bean Roll (Vegan)
    * Not Food For Life


fflsh_supplier_colour storage

Keep at -18C or below. Do not defrost before cooking.

cooking instructions

Cook from frozen. For best results, use a conventional oven with fan. Preheat oven.
These are guidelines only as appliances may vary.

To bake off Conventional Fan Oven
From Frozen 180C – Pasty & Slices 40 mins
From Frozen 180C – Sausage Roll & Savoury Items 30 mins


Allergen & Nutrition Fact Sheet

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Phat branded greaseproof bags and POS available.
Call or email : solutions@phatpasty.comfflsh_supplier_colour

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