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Oops! We Did It Again…

Posted on March 6, 2022 by - Phat News

Yes we Won the World Pasty Championships at Eden again !

Following our Cornish pasty winning at the last Championships held in 202, we were back at Eden and this time we Won with a plant-based, vegan pasty!
Our Peppered Steak-Less Pasty was introduced just last year as another vegan option in our Phat range and we were amazed and delighted when this won the Company Savoury Award 2022.

Causing quite a stir – no vegan pasty has ever won in the 10 year history and now that’s ‘the double’ with our Traditional Cornish Pasty and Peppered Steak-Less Pasty both winning the top award !

Our plant-based range continues to be hugely popular and proves that vegan options don’t have to be tasteless and boring. 
We see sales continuing to grow and it’s not just vegan customers who are looking for ‘meat-free’ options.